Marketing Campaign of $100 Million for Nokia Lumia 900 Ace on AT&T?

Marketing Campaign of $100 Million for Nokia Lumia 900 Ace on AT&T?

The Nokia Lumia 900, better known as Nokia Ace, which was recently reported to be sold under AT&T branding, is said to enjoy a huge marketing campaign of $100 million in the second half of the year.

However, it is not yet finalized as to how this $100 million will be divided among Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T. It is supposed that there is deal between Microsoft and AT&T where the carrier will be widely promoting the Nokia Ace through advertisements, direct store associates and retail channels. If this is true, it will be the first such move related to a Windows Phone in the U.S by Microsoft.

When the announcement for Nokia Ace will be made, it will be the flagship Nokia Windows Phone over the U.S market. This seems to be the perfect chance for Nokia to make a come back in the mobile industry and for Microsoft to capture a few more market share percentage points. It all depends upon how well the Ace sells. If all goes well, Microsoft is apparent to strike another such deal with AT&T in the holiday season involving an upcoming Windows Phone.



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