More rumours of Microsoft buying Nokia smartphone divison, Eldar back on form

More rumours of Microsoft buying Nokia smartphone divison, Eldar back on form

The tweet that has raised a lot of eyebrows today:

Steve Balmer, Andy Lees and Stephen Elop, Kai Ostamo will meet in Las Vegas to finalize agreement about Nokia smartphone unit. Bye Nokia

Eldar’s stories have always been anti-Nokia, even though he claims to be an unbiased Journalist. The only reason could be the fact that there is a will to self-sustain the reputation that he can predict things some-how and at the same time, ignore other issues that he’s wrong at. He is also accused of repeating info that is already published and claiming it to be his own prediction.
this time, its about buying of Nokia’s Smartphones by Microsoft. There was interview of Nokia Conversations with Mary McDowell, Head of mobilephones unit, where the point of Nokia having a woman CEO was talked about. We suppose that was just a general talk related to gender differences, or it could also be a hint towards what Murtazin is talking about-Nokia will be nothing else but dumbphones and therefore, McDowell is sure to be the next CEO of Nokia? There was something else as well said about Nokia dumbphones being converted to smartphones. Also, there was a news that Nokia HQ will be staying in Finland as long as Elop remains as the CEO. Well, what did they actually mean by “as long as”? Where’s he going?
Some other points noted down:

  1. Nokia won’t be used as smartphones in the new MS unit. This is a part of the deal between Elop and Balmer.
  2. Nokia will only be used for dumbphones and for the upgraded versions of handsets that could give competition to other smartphones-something that cannot be believed
  3. The most interesting aspect of the Nokia-Microsoft deal is the fact that it all depends only on MS now. If Microsoft make up their mind, then the deal will be closed in 2012.
  4. This deal is sure to destroy Nokia. How fast? May be in another 1-2 years.
  5. Nokia cannot survive without smartphones. However, Sony Erricson or Motorola’s smartphones aren’t company saviours either.
  6. Stephen Elop will be resigning from the post of CEO, Nokia in 2012.
  7. There hasn’t been much heard about the WP7 from Microsoft. Seems like they aren’t too glad about that. Its clear that Microsoft wants to develop and promote and their own products( such as Xbox)

There was also a tweet by him yesterday saying that he does not hate Nokia, he just posts facts. However, there are already plenty of evidences and examples against that statement of his, such as, his criticism for Nokia N9 at its launch recently saying that the screen resolution/display is mediocre(saying its the same as Samsung Galaxy SII). May be, its not hatred for Nokia but love for some other brand beginning with S. Or it could be that some insider might be leaking info to him. Though, we are not sure.
There’s no idea why Eldar is posting about it again and again. However, there are a few things by Nokia itself that hint about it. Probably, it could the N8 fiasco to go with the situation between Nokia and Eldar, that he is repeating the fact that Nokia will die out soon and in a hope that we would spread such news further and it would lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Nokia, at present, is at a very crucial stage to see if the Nokia-Microsoft deal involving Lumia would work out. Nokia Ace is yet to be out, but we are waiting for the Apollo to be out now to what Nokia can actually do. Furthermore, there is a need to do something on part of Nokia and Microsoft regarding the 8B paid by MS for Skype.
Probably, we can judge the situation clearly seeing the response of Q2 and Q3 in 2012. What sense does it make of Microsoft buying Nokia’s smartphone division?



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