Nokia “Outperforming” Likely Due to Successful Deal Between Nokia-MS

Nokia “Outperforming” Likely Due to Successful Deal Between Nokia-MS

As per the information of Forbes, Nokia’s shares saw a great increase recently from Kulbinder Garcha, an analyst from Credit Suisse. He has raised Nokia from an underpeformer to an outperformer with an increased target from 4 euros to 6.

And its no love game on part of the analyst. Rumors have it that this hapenned due to Microsoft, as it is going to capture the third spot in the cell phone platform ranking because of Nokia.

“We fundamentally believe that Nokia’s focus on Windows will allow the company to drive a recovery through 2012 in both its top-line and earnings,”

“Longer term, we believe that Nokia can command a 13% market share within smartphones driven by Windows Phone platform based on three key factors,”

“First, we see sensible and aggressive pricing from the outset with initial Lumia devices priced between €180 to €300 to carriers. Second, we see decent support for Windows ecosystem as confirmed by our recent survey of carriers. Third, we believe that the quality of Windows platform is quite good, which, combined with Nokia’s brand, distribution, scale and [intellectual property] should enable it to capture smartphone share making it the third ecosystem behind Android and Apple.”

As per a survey conducted by Garcha of 27 main executives at various global carriers, they are well in support of Nokia’s attempts. About 85% of them preferred the third ecosystem, out of which 77% said that will be Nokia. This survey showed that both, subsidy and volume share, of the Windows phone are expected to increase in the coming 12 months.

2012 will be the year when things start to click at place:

  • Nokia Windows Phones in volume
  • Nokia Windows Phone in high end
  • Nokia Windows Phone at entry level
  • Nokia Windows Tablet
  • Nokia Belle updates
  • Meltemi/Swipe for Next Billion
  • New Symbian Phones, possibly very high end

There are a lot of news to indicate that Nokia will do a good business in 2012.



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