Nokia Lumia 900 to be Announced Today

Nokia Lumia 900 to be Announced Today

There is an interesting article in The New York Times mentioning about the initiation of the Windows Phone platform. It quoted that it was quite surprising to see praises coming for Microsoft from an Apple product, complementing the Windows phone as a gem. They also quote that the deal between Microsoft and Nokia needs to be a blockbuster hit.
The article also confirmed that the news of Nokia Lumia 900 launching its phones with AT&T network will be announced today. they also laid emphasis on Nokia Lumia 900 being “sleek metallic”. Now are they bringing in metal just because it is “higher end”? If that’s the reason, then there should a better camera as well along with a bigger screen, isn’t it? But, the answer is a big “NO”, according to dsmobile.

Dsmobile claims that the Nokia Lumia 900 has the same camera as Nokia Lumia 800. Now, even that’s not too bad unless you’ve had a dreadful experience with that camera. We are a perfect example of this. We had a few issues while performing video recording in the indoor area also while clicking pictures in similar areas. However, there could be chances that ours might be a fault camera as the reviews of the Lumia 800’s camera are more towards the positive side.



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