Nokia Countdown Begins – CES 2012

Nokia Countdown Begins – CES 2012

Its just a matter of few more days when the Nokia CES(Consumers Electronic Show) will commence in Las Vegas.
We would keep our viewers updated with all the news and updates coming from the event. Furthermore, it will be interesting to hear what Microsoft has to announce at the largest tech show.

Already, the event has gathered every one’s attention with its sheer scale. The event will cover a space equivalent to as much as 35 football fields put together. Also, over 14 million delegates from all across the globe have been invited for the event. A lot of popular figures are also among the invitee’s list-50 Cent, Justin Bieber, Dennis Rodman-the NBA Hall of Fame player and the Buffy actress-Eliza Dushku. Now, that’s huge!

The popular faces would be seen promoting some or the other products at the event. And if you’re already startled by the high-level at which the event will take place, there will be a post-event party to be held at Tryst Nightclub at the Wynn Hotel. This VIPCES party is hosted by Dushku and a lot of big names are expected to turn up over there.

Now, to talk about the main stars of the event-the gadgets, about 20,000 new products would be introduced and over 40,000 exhibitors are expected to attend the event. Going back in history, the first VCR(introduced in 1970), first camcorder(in 1981), first Amiga computer(launched in 1984) and the original NES console(in 1985) were introduced at CES only in their respective years. In fact, recently, the first HDTV, Blu-Ray discs were also introduced at this huge event only.

The only drawback that can be associated with CES is probably the fact that it is not open to general public.


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