Nokia Lumia 900 720p Video recording sample

Nokia Lumia 900 720p Video recording sample

Just few days after announcement on CES 2012 some Youtube user posted a video recorded from the Nokia Lumia 900 camera. We can say video looks like we would expect.

On comparing the video recording of this device with other phones in its class, Lumia 900 gives a tough fight to its competitor phones. Talk about the mighty iPhone 4S and its video quality; it has 1080p HD video recording, whereas Lumia 900 has 720p HD video recording. Not bad either, isn’t it? Considering the fact that there’s a noticeable difference in the price range of the two, with Lumia 900 costing less comparatively.
However, this is probably a prototype device and not final version of software. So, the quality isn’t final. Though, we can expect it to be even better than this.

Update: More videos from Youtuber


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