Nokia Could Ship 37 Million Windows Phones in 2012

Nokia Could Ship 37 Million Windows Phones in 2012

This was a prediction made by Morgan Stanley, a global financial service firm, that quoted about Nokia to ship near 37 million Windows phone in 2012. And this wasn’t believable, have a look at the next stat. The number of Windows phones expected to be shipped in 2013 will be almost twice than that in 2012. The figure is 64 million. All that mainly depends upon the marketing strategies applied for Nokia Lumia 900 by Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T. If Europe is to be considered, it is almost a certainty that Nokia will go hard with the software giant and close behind could be the U.S. Rumors have it that there’s a budget of $200 million between them. If that’s true, we can expect some vigorous and smart promotions and events by them.

As Steve Ballmer had quoted at the CES, they still need to go a long way; its all looking positive for them and any small strategy could be effective.



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