Nokia Drive App – In-Car Usage Test on Lumia 710

Nokia Drive App – In-Car Usage Test on Lumia 710

The video here tests the Nokia Drive app on the roads of America. Have a look at the video to experience yourself the performance of the app and how the voice instructions work.

Overall, Nokia Drive is a highly recommendable app. We found the voice instructions too good; it works like just another standalone GPS unit and tracks the way quite accurately. This app allows Mango multitasking and instantly resumes the on-going navigation. And to add to these, you can download the maps for use even when you’re offline.

But, where there are pros, there are cons as well. Here are the cons of this app:

  • The app cannot be run when the screen is locked( even voice instruction feature doesn’t work)
  • Maps are not fully functional in the offline mode(destinations cannot be searched for)
  • Its quite complicated to search for an address
  • There’s no POI list, so you cannot search for the nearby gas stations, etc.

Thus, Nokia Drive app definately requires some improvement. It is advisable to have an in-car GPS unit as some true navigation units are still missing in this Nokia app.


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