Is Nokia Lumia 900 Coming to Europe?

Is Nokia Lumia 900 Coming to Europe?

Recently, Nokia made an exclusive announce for U.S. people, probably for the first time in it’s history. U.S audience always had to wait a bit longer than other countries for a Nokia devices and in some case, without the full support related to frequencies used by carriers over here. But now, things have started to work in reverse manner for them. Is Nokia Lumia 900 coming to Europe? Making an assumption that the Lumia 900 is made available through a third-party importer somehow, there will be very restricted functionality of Lumia 900 in Europe-as announced at CES.

Here are the reasons behind it:
LTE technology has been one of the most impressive feature of Lumia 900. And as we all know, this technology is of the standard of fourth generation mobile broadband. This allows the broadband speed to reach up to 50Mbps in the Lumia 900. However, this technology is totally out of scene in Europe, reason being lack of support by carriers over here for the LTE technology. And those who do, their frequencies might be different.


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