What about White Lumia 800?

What about White Lumia 800?

It hasn’t been so long when Windows-enabled Nokia Lumia 800 was introduced in the market. Nokia Lumia 800 has had a great response in the mobile industry, and currently, the phone is available in cyan, magenta and black colors. But what about other colors that we saw back in decebmer of 2011? I did a little research and found one interesting site. It’s a Nokia India store who have white Lumia 800 in shop but currently out of stock. I am not sure is this is the mistake from their side or wlike in N9 case will will soon see different color options for Lumia 800 or even Lumia 900? Also, there is no picture of device :(
We will keep our eyes on that site and inform you if any white Lumia 800 pops!

Nokia Lumia 800 White Mockup


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