OT: Sony(Ericsson) still working on Windows Phone?

OT: Sony(Ericsson) still working on Windows Phone?

I know, this is a bit off-topic, but we got images of a Sony(still Ericsson) phone running on Windows Phone 7. Earlier in 2011, SonyEricsson said that they will not use WP as a platform when they chose Android over WP as their only platform. But who knows things might have changed after Sony took over SonyEricsson.

Sorry for the bad pics but that is the best we got at the moment.

Thanks Juddy for tip!


10 Responses to OT: Sony(Ericsson) still working on Windows Phone?

  1. Jaganath says:

    Pretty thick. Does it have a slide out keyboard?

  2. admin says:

    We replayed to our tipster but still no response, if you look it from you can see phone is thick which may indicate that there is a keyboard.

  3. Ronaldo says:

    Heh another company committing suicide? I mean SE phones looks great why to spoil it with wp7? It looks like DOS 6.22

  4. SirHaxalot says:

    The last WP7 Sony Ericsson leak had a slide out keyboard and this looks pretty similar to that imo.

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