Skype Will Be “The Next Big App” for Windows Phones, Says Microsoft

Skype Will Be “The Next Big App” for Windows Phones, Says Microsoft

There has been a lot of talk in recent times as to when will Skype app be available for Windows phones. Till now, we have been able to extract two things out of it: 1) It will be out in the first of 2012 and 2) Skype will first be released as an app and later be integrated into OS. It has left a lot of people wondering as to why Windows have delayed releasing an app that is of their own divison for Windows phones platform. The only possible reason could be that Microsoft is planning something huge. As per the listing for the Software Development Engineer in Test, it is clear that Skype for Windows phone is going to be the “next big mobile app”, according to MS. This is what they had to say:

“Quality engineers at Skype are responsible and accountable for developing and implementing test plans for complex, multi-tier distributed applications throughout the full software development lifecycle. They play a key role in ensuring all appropriate applications (including new and in production) are fully tested to drive optimal customer experience, no matter the platform or the product. Skype quality engineers are meticulous and highly organised, able to work effectively within a wider development team to deliver quality outcomes on time and to specification.
Skype for Windows Phone will be the ‘next big mobile’ app to be used by millions of users around the world. It is a strategic platform for Skype and an important revenue generator.
Skype is committed to actively introducing new functionality and product features on the Windows Phone platform and devices to lead groundbreaking developments on the platform.”

Doesn’t matter if Skype for Windows phones is getting delayed, one thing is for sure that after its release, using Skype in a Windows phone will be one of the best experiences for WP users. Though, users got to wait for sometime to experience it.



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