Nokia N900 firmware update 1.2009.44.1

n900 update

Nokia N900 update v44.1 is just minor update which changes will be noticeable to small number of users. It is important to say that this changes are preparation for next update.
The update can be downloaded straight from the application manager or via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU).
We suggest that you update using the application manager, in that case none of your data and custom settings will be deleted.
The N900 doesn’t support user data preservation when updating via NSU.

n900 firmware update

Changes from 1.2009.42.11 to 1.2009.44.1:

  • The application manager has been redesigned and looks more appealing.
  • Red Pill mode is gone
  • Ovi catalogue has been added
  • After an application is installed the application manager will not jump at the top


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