Nokia Emerging as the Most Trusted Brand in India

Nokia Emerging as the Most Trusted Brand in India

According to the Brand Trust Report Study, India 2012 by Trust Research Advisory(TRA), Nokia has emerged as the most trusted cellphone brand yet again in India. The survey that gave this result included responses and views of thousands of people residing in 15 big cities of the country for over 17,000 mobile brands.
TRA’s CEO described the survey’s methodology by saying:

“As trust is a very subjective term, we developed a trust matrix which included 61 components defining trust which include empathy, non-threatening ambience, perceived competence, corporate altruism, commanding respect, shared interest, displaying sincerity, enthusiasm, outward appearance and accepting responsibility.”

This is a great encouragement for Nokia as it shows that the company has maintained its brand power even in a developing nation like India, where capitalization is required soon on part of Nokia. Although, it may well happen that the transition towards Windows phone from Symbian platform may not show the results quickly, but Nokia is likely to regain its lost lead in the mobile industry in the long run if it gives the best possible experience yet again to its users.



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