Try Nokia Lumia 800 for free!

Try Nokia Lumia 800 for free!

If you are one of those who love Nokia Lumia 800 but would first like to test it out for a few days before buying, then the Love Me Keep Me Campaign is just the ideal solution for you. The campaign allows you to try out a brand new Nokia Windows phone for more than a month.

Nokia is so confident indeed regarding Lumia 800 that it is letting you try it for free for the first 40 days and if you are not satisfied with the handset, you can claim a full refund. This is totally a win-win deal, as the customers have nothing to lose in it.

Anyone, who buys a Nokia Lumia 800, can qualify for the Love Me Keep Me campaign. All they need to do is register themselves within 10 days of buying the phone. And if you feel your experience of using the handset was not worth while in these 40 days, then you can return the phone and claim for a full refund.

No doubt, Nokia is quite sure regarding the Lumia 800 and confident that not many phones would be returned, and why shouldn’t they be; Nokia Lumia 800 is by far the best Windows phone that Nokia has launched. What this campaign does is it gives the customers the satisfaction to pick up the most popular Windows phone will full confidence that even if there is one-percent doubt in the customer’s mind, they have the license to return the handset.

Check out the official Nokia Love Me Keep Me campaign to know more about this campaign. The offer will be up there till the 29th of February 2012. So, act swiftly if you want to benefit from this great trial period offer to get your hands on a Nokia Windows phone.



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