Europe and USA to see a Whole New Range of Nokia Phones

Europe and USA to see a Whole New Range of Nokia Phones

In a recent interview with Nokia’s CEO Steve Elop, he quoted that he Nokia will probably keep their “rolling thunder” momentum going with the announcements of new devices/handsets.
This is what he said:

“We have not announced the 900 in other countries. One of the things you should notice though is that we clearly have a pattern of this rolling thunder of announcements one after another and what we are doing more and more is making sure that we are targeting specific devices and specific price points for specific markets,”
“For example, in the US, one of the things that was actually one of the most important things we did with the Lumia 900 was LTE support. LTE support costs. It costs in terms money for the radio, extra battery life requirement and so forth. LTE in Europe is not so important. It will be, but not today. We haven’t announced anything specific, but clearly there is going to be a steady pattern of new devices and a full portfolio of capabilities in Europe and around the world. There is lots more to watch.”

There was also some talk about the Nokia Lumia 900. On this, he said that there will be a few successor devices to follow, though with different shapes, sizes and of course, different configurations. This clearly meant that there are quite many phones to follow in the Lumia series after the 900, 800 and 710.
Steve made statement in his interview that owners of Lumia 800 shouldn’t feel bad with Lumia 900 coming in just six months time from it.

“I will absolutely continue to carry an 800 because it is a beautiful device and I like the form factor and the size. The 800 is going to continue to sell in markets around the world for a great deal of time to come, so I think people should be very proud of the device they have because in itself it is a unique experience.”

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