Nokia Close to 50% of the Second Generation Windows Phone Market Share

Nokia Close to 50% of the Second Generation Windows Phone Market Share

As per the data released by OccasionalGamer’s Game Collection, who have the credit of releasing more than 1 million game installs till now, have given an estimate of various market holdings of the Windows Phone 7 OEMs. And as it was expected, the Nokia’s arrival in the Windows-phone arena, the Finnish company is slowly taking control of major share of the market.

It hasn’t been so long since Nokia entered the WP market, yet is has already covered 45% of the market share. Most of this percentage has been covered by Lumia 800 and some by the recently released Lumia 710.

After Nokia comes HTC with 40% market share. This still seems large, though it has fallen down from 55%. However, HTC Radar-the mid-range smartphone is seen to do well and is being sold quite well in Europe and T-Mobile USA.
After these two giants comes Samsung, who share has fallen drastically from 28% to 12% in the second generation devices. According to OccasionalGamer’s data, this 12% is mostly due to Samsung Omnia with Focus Flash, though it isn’t doing that good compared to Radar by HTC. It is clear that Samsung still han’t released a high-end device targetting the non-US audience which has a great impact on the overall sales figures.

The remaining few share percentage is covered by Fijutsu IS12T that covers 3% of market share. An interesting thing to note here is the share of LG in the pie. It was about 12% earlier on, though it is yet to release a second generation device.

However, the biggest news maker is still Nokia as to how rapidly it has covered the Windows phone market. With Windows phone 7 being associated with a brand like Nokia, the market share is suspected to rise to 60-70% and it may well lead to other OEMs going out of the market.



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