Lumia App #43: Nokia Lumia Ringtone

Lumia App #43: Nokia Lumia Ringtone

“Operation Rolling Thunder” was a very popular ringtone. Presented by Nokia, this ringtone had been downloaded by many phone users, not only amongst the users of Nokia phone. Succeeding with this ringtone, Nokia then remade this ringtone as “Totally Extinct Dinosaur” remix version, which is very iconic and then scored the second success. However, some people just didn’t get enough with that and wanted more. That is why this app was developed.

Some people may wonder how they friends can get this ringtone on their Windows Phone. The secret comes from nothing but this simple but useful app. Nokia Lumia Ringtone allows the users of Windows Phone to set the ringtone directly to their phone. The original version was edited into three different versions of the ringtone that are available on this app to your preference. Each of them is unique and they can only be get with this cool app.

This app will bring you to the revolution that had been made by Nokia. Now you can amaze your friends who will hear this cool ringtone coming from your own Windows Phone. So, are you ready to join the Nokia revolution and embrace it on the platform of your Windows Phone?

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