Lumia Game #43: TowerGade Free

Lumia Game #43: TowerGade Free

Protecting your home from burglars or thieves is certainly not as hard as defending a base from enemies’ attack. You may successfully protect your home from burglars with hi-tech security. Fine! But when there are many enemy ships come and start striking your base, things will be more complicated, moreover, if the attack is massive. A hi-tech security system will not be enough. At least, you really need a strategy.

For you who love that kind of defensive scenario, you should try TowerGade. This defensive tower based game challenges your tactics in order to succeed in defending your base from repeated attacks from the enemies. What makes this game challenging is that you should do the defense with only limited resources. There are four battle areas; Earth, Moon, Mars, and Space.

Some of you may think that it is easy, as what you need to do is just to build as many towers as possible, but I tell you what; that won’t do. To win this game, you will need to use some items. Besides, not all towers are effective in any location; the right towers should be used in the right location. Interested? Now get ready, because the enemies are coming!

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