HOW TO: Reinstall applications on your Lumia phone

HOW TO: Reinstall applications on your Lumia phone

There has been a rapid growth in the apps of Nokia Lumia 800 available on the marketplace of the Windows phone. And many people prefer to change and chop the once-used apps. But you are not really sure how to reinstall an app once installed and deleted. Read on to know more about it.

There are many people out there who like to keep the app menu of their Lumia 800 pretty tidy. Hence, they only keep a specific number of apps in the menu and delete the ones that are no longer in use.

However, there is a great advantage when you buy or download an app. These apps are always up for re-downloads at any point of time. Instead of taking a note of every app downloaded, you can simply follow the following method:
Visit the Windows Phone website and click on My Phone. If necessary, log in with your Windows Live ID. Open the tab “Account” and there you’ll see the history of downloaded and purchased apps. You will see all the apps downloaded on your Lumia 800 till date, whether full versions or trials. Along side every app, you will see the date of downloading and an image to help you identify the app correctly. And in front of every app is an option to reinstall the app. It will hardly take two clicks to get it back on your phone.

And you are done. No need to remember every time which apps you downloaded once. Reinstalling the deleted apps back to your phone couldn’t have been much simpler.



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