Nokia Lumia 900 Being Sold on a Czech Republic Website?

Nokia Lumia 900 Being Sold on a Czech Republic Website?

Here comes another evidence that Nokia Lumia series is going international from time to time. Recently, Nokia Lumia 900 was seen on the Obchod S Mobily website up for a price in Czech Republic. Even though there is no information regarding the release of the phone over there, the smartphone is up for sale at a price of $760 over there. Well, that is not cheap by any means. But no one actually knows whether that is the final price or if the phone is placed there just for advertisement. The website Techin 5 had pointed out that some of the detailed features of Lumia 900 are a bit confusing but it is most likely that Obchod S Mobily website people aren’t confusing the Windows-phone up for sale with the Nokia Lumia 800. Reason being that Lumia 800 is already up there for sale. A major fact to note here is the 8MP camera that has been listed over there with the Nokia Lumia 900 as against the rumored, yet unconfirmed, 12 MP of that phone, as per some sites.

Irrespective of the Czech website, Carphone Warehouse and SG Best, it is almost a certainty that the Nokia’s flagship phone would be released in other countries in coming months. As per Carphone Warehouse, the release date for this smartphone is June 2012. However, we hope that Nokia would release a bit more info about it in the Mobile World Congress.



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