Nokia Lumia 900 – Rumors are rumors, not facts

Nokia Lumia 900 – Rumors are rumors, not facts

There are more and more rumors coming up about Lumia 900 these days, such as, the U.S. AT&T exclusive Lumia 900 only has 45 days of exclusivity. After that, other operators may release the Lumia 900 coming with 12 mega pixel camera. Here’s another example- yesterday one rumor revealed that the Lumia 900 with 2 year contract over AT&T network will be on sale in March at an unbelievably low price of $99(much lower than the iPhone 4S contract price). There are many similar rumors, all claimed to come from reliable sources.

But I have to remind you that none of the rumors are officially announced or confirmed messages by Nokia. We cannot believe any rumor just like that. All that we can do is hope for a good rumor to turn true and a bad rumor to come out false.

Information about Lumia 900, especially the sales info, is the actual focus of attention. Though, we should count only on the official news and info released by Nokia and AT&T. Let’s just wait for the day when Lumia 900 is put on sale.


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