Lumia App #44: Birthdays

Lumia App #44: Birthdays

There are many ways to respect your friends or colleagues. Congratulate them on their birthday is one of them. The problem is, without a great memory, it will be so hard to remember all the birthday dates of every people you know. Thus, you need to write them down on some notes. Along with the improvement of the technology, you no longer need any note to be brought bring with, as all notes can be easily saved on your Windows Phone, including the birthday information of your contacts. What you need is just the right application.

Birthdays will track all the birthday of your contacts, alert you when the day is close, and provide the detail information about those whose birthdays is upcoming. With a friendly user interface, to access the information is not so hard to do; what you need is some simple taps. With this app you can browse the birthday info not only from your phone, but also from Windows Live, Outlook, and social networking site database.

When the birthday of someone special is near, this app will provide the Live Tile on the start screen and periodically alert you. When the day comes, you can easily find the contact to send a message or to make call.

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