Lumia Game #44: Zombie Madness

Lumia Game #44: Zombie Madness

Zombies are striking again. They are everywhere and the numbers are limitless, as if they have a machine that can produce their kind in a large number. The fate of the world is at stake, and someone must act to survive the humankind. Fortunately, the world still has some heroes that will use all their abilities to kill of those zombies.

Zombie Madness is maybe one of classic zombie survival games that you often play with your phone or PC. What makes this one special, however, is that the heroes are people with specific professions. There are multiple professions that you can choose; rifleman, battle engineer, etc. Each of them has a set of unique skills based on their field. The WW2 weapons are various, and you can choose one.

More zombies you kill, more experiences you will earn. This experience will increase your level so that you can learn a new skill that can enhance your character. In some battles, the number of zombies is just impossible to be fought only by you, so that you will need some additional soldiers to fight together. Unfortunately, they will not fight without being paid, so that you need to hire them. Enjoy this game on Windows Phone and save the world!

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