Microsoft Now Accepting App and Games Submissions for 6 New Markets

Microsoft Now Accepting App and Games Submissions for 6 New Markets

In February, Microsoft’s news e-mail sent to developers, Microsoft showed its determination to enter the global market, also began to accept six new areas’ application softwares and game applications.

The six regions are Argentina, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines. Among them, China, Indonesia and Malaysia – must meet additional requirements due to local laws, regulations or norms. and of the new consumer markets, App Hub developer support is currently only available to China.

E-mail also describes the new way to submit a new application, developers can submit an application to one or the global market, if the application is not submitted by the global market, you can choose to modify the application or De-select the markets where your application does not meet requirements. Currently the application has been released can also be re-submitted to those new markets.

Meanwhile Window Phone and Nokia also co-sponsored by the “We Want Your Apps!” Project, Each month up to 10 apps will be selected and showcased in our Windows Phone & Nokia promotional app campaign including activities such as banner advertising and social media. be aware that this project open to all developers with apps published and relevant for the US marketplace.


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