Lumia Game #45: Elves Of Lorien

Lumia Game #45: Elves Of Lorien

What makes an adventure game interesting? Of course, it is the way you can be involved on an attractive journey, facing enemies, and accomplishing certain tasks based on the scenario given. And what makes Elves o Lorien is a very challenging adventure game? It is because it challenges your skill, not as a character of a human, but an elf. The setting is in a forest, where you take your journey with a woodern staff as your weapon, and kill as many enemies as you can.

Even with your best play, sometimes you will find your default weapon is not enough to face some tough enemies. Don’t worry, now, as you can visit some shops to buy some weapons and enhance your character. Or, some enemies may be kind enough to drop some valuable items when they die.

In this full version of the game, there are two game modes that you can play; Free Mode and Classic Mode. In the Free Mode, you can continue playing your hero even after it dies. Meanwhile, in the Classic Mode, you are about to survive and get as high score as you can. So, are you ready to be the best elf?

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