Lumia App #46: DiaryPro

Lumia App #46: DiaryPro

Many people think that diaries are only for melancholic person who always try to remember all good memories by reading what they wrote on their diaries. Well, in fact, besides that melancholic purpose, a diary has a way more function. A diary can be a media where you can write your notes, your daily schedules, or your favorite pictures.

Along with the advancement of the technology, a diary cannot only be written on a book. Instead, you can use your gadget to write diary. DiaryPro is the best app that you can choose to create your electronic diary on your Windows Phone. This software features some useful utilities.

– Multiple login accounts allow more than one person to write diary.
– You can insert your favorite pictures or images from gallery to your diary.
– The notes on the diary will be arranged orderly based on the month, so that you can easily search and find some notes that you have wrote before.
– You can publish your diary on your facebook wall.
– The software is easy to use, because the interface is very user-friendly.

Besides of the utilities, you can get more by updating the version of the software. So, make your diary on your Windows Phone now.

App price: £1.49
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