Lumia Game #46: Elves Of Lorien Free

Lumia Game #46: Elves Of Lorien Free

Adventuring game presents a certain kind of fun compared to other gaming genre. In adventure game, the player will be brought to a challenging with a scenario given. For you who love adventure games, now there is a new one that you can play with your Windows Phone. Elves o Lorien will challenge your skill as a gamer.

In this game, you are playing a character of an elf that are running through a forest and killing as many enemies as you can. As the weapon, you have a woodern staff. Of course, on certain level, this weapon will not be sufficient, but you should not be worried, as there are some shops that you can visit and buy some weapons. The additional weapons will enhance and strengthen your character so that you are strong enough to face your enemies. You can also get some free stuff. Some enemies may be kind enough to drop some valuable items when they die.

This game is the free trial version of the real game. You can play it with your friends and see who get the highest score. If you are interested to this game, and want more challenges, you can try the full version of the game, which features more game modes that will make the whole game more complicated.

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