Recent news/rumors summary

Recent news/rumors summary

There are many reports about Lumia these days.
From those reports, May be some new members will join in Lumia’ s family, for example: the latest low-end Lumia 610, high-end Lumia 910, mysterious Lumia 730.
However, from the reports of the those rumors, those phones may not exist.
Nokia Lumia 730 photo circulated on the Internet:

This photo actually comes from the video in which Nokia introduce its Windows phone and the video released long ago. This so-called Lumia 730 authenticity doubtful.

Nokia Lumia 610:

This is the latest photo of Lumia 610, I do not know what you think about this picture, but this design style does not like Nokia’s style. It just looks like a computer-generated photo, Lumia 610 is also doubtful.

Nokia Lumia 910, officials have confirmed this phone does not currently exist, although the Lumia 900’s follow-up phone may be introduced later, but it is a question that it will be Lumia 910.

The latest news have been confirmed are summarized below:
1. An unlocked version of Lumia 800 suits have already on sale in the U.S. on February 14, including the Nokia the Play 360 wireless speakers, the Nokia Purity HD by of Monster headphones and ear blue-shaped headphones. Priced at $ 899, which is cheaper than purchased separately, but no news about when the unlocked Lumia 800 will be on sale separately.

2. Nokia has released a white version of Lumia 800, the phone will be on sale at the end of this month, First group of countries including Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland and Switzerland.

3. Lumia will be officially released in China in March, be on sale probably in April. China Telecom has been confirmed that it will launch the contract Lumia 800, but the exact price is still unknown.


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