Nokia Lumia Phones To Have Nokia Creative Studio (Panorama+Image Editor)

Nokia Lumia Phones To Have Nokia Creative Studio (Panorama+Image Editor)

Just recently, Nokia released an awesome app for all the Lumia phones, named as “Creative Studio”. This is an image-editing app that comes with the much-awaited panoramic function in the Lumia phones. In addition, there are many other superb image-editing functions that will simply surprise you.

To talk about the usual functions that are supposed to be present, there are the basic warp features (including alien, megasmile, ultra chin, etc.) along with common filters, such as cartoon, sketch, etc. But the best part about this software is surely the panoramic function. Unlike other phones, neither did it take hours to convert a picture into a panorama, not did the quality of the picture get hampered.

Even though overall, the app is an excellent one, there is just one negative aspect associated with it. While clicking a panoramic picture with filters, such as cartoon mode, there comes a considerably big gap between what we actually look to click and what the camera viewfinder clicks. This could basically be because of the time taken to load the filter for the image.

Creative Studio for mobile could be rated as equivalent to what Picasa is for computers. The app is available ONLY for Nokia Lumia series phones.


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