Nokia Transport Finally Available in Lumia Marketplace

Nokia Transport Finally Available in Lumia Marketplace

The app Nokia Drive has finally come out of its beta version and is now available at the Lumia marketplace. For people living in urban areas, the app Nokia Transport might be of their interest.

Nokia Transport not just allows you to find locations but also supports them with Nokia’s own maps. This allows you to get acquainted with the public transit systems in various cities of the world. You put a location to reach in the app and it will come out with the calculation of the best possible way to reach that destination. This best way out also includes the combination of walking and traveling through buses and trains. The app automatically calculates the estimated time that you would take to arrive at your destination.

The app is presently available for free at the Lumia marketplace. It is probably because of the amazing apps like this and Nokia Drive that compels a person to go for the Lumia series.



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