AT&T paid $25 Million By Nokia to Use Nokia 900s?

AT&T paid $25 Million By Nokia to Use Nokia 900s?

Rumors have it that Nokia 900 will be released over AT&T network either on the 8th or 9th April 2012. The interesting part here is that Nokia is trying their best to convince AT&T to make Nokia 900 their flagship device.

If we are to believe the sources, Nokia is trying to strike a deal with AT&T in which the former would want all the employees and clerks of the latter to use start using Nokia Lumia 900. Furthermore, these phones would be offered to them for free, provided they give up on their existing phones of other companies.

Looking at the whole case, the deal would in turn be quite profitable for AT&T too, especially after their recent loss of contract with iPhone. Secondly, offering free Lumia 900 to all the employees would not just provide them with a phone but would in turn be beneficial for Nokia too. Those employees would get to use the phone that they would be promoting, in their day-to-day life and this would add great enthusiasm and experience while promoting the phone.

If the deal gets signed, Nokia would be spending somewhere about 200 Million. And this would be the best way for them to get their Lumia 900 promoted and would work more effectively than any other TV ad or an ad on billboard.



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