Price of Nokia Lumia 900 Slashed Down to 449USD

Price of Nokia Lumia 900 Slashed Down to 449USD

The Nokia officials recently released the news of Nokia Lumia 900 costing just 449USD now. Making a direct conversion into British Pound, that comes out to be 280GBP.

Comparing that with the behemoth Titan II costing about 344GBP, people would have jumped on to Lumia 900 had it been available at that price in UK.

Nokia had stated earlier in one of its interviews that Lumia 900 would cost 480 Euros, minus taxes and subsidies. It’s simply amazing how Nokia have managed to slash the prices of Lumia 900 so down.

It is interesting to note that there were a few talks about the price of Nokia Lumia 900 being too high. But now if you see, the current price is indeed very good for a device like Lumia 900, isn’t it?



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