Nokia Lumia 800 Still Topping Elisa Chart

Nokia Lumia 800 Still Topping Elisa Chart

It was just a few hours after the news of Nokia Lumia topping the DNA Finland charts arrived that the news of it topping the list of Elisa also came.

While Nokia Lumia 800 is topping the list of most liked smartphones over there, Nokia Lumia 710 is there on the third spot. It was interesting to see that 5 out of 10 top phones were of Nokia. The figure rose to 9 when the top 15 were considered.

We saw in February that Nokia Lumia 800 was the most selling phone in Elisa, but what was more interesting to see was that it still maintained its top spot in March. Also, Nokia Lumia has maintained its dominance in lot many other countries and states. Way to go, Lumia 800!



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