Video Comparison: Nokia Lumia 900 vs Apple iPhone 4S

Video Comparison: Nokia Lumia 900 vs Apple iPhone 4S

Here’s a general comparison of Nokia Lumia 900 with Apple’s iPhone 4S. No doubt, Apple’s product enjoy an unmatchable market, no matter how useless some people call them.
About Lumia 900, it is somewhat identical to Lumia 800 that was released in October 2011. Here are a few features that we could make out after looking at the video:
– Nice to hold in the hand
– Seems like a solid handset, not a thin and cheap one like most of the phones of Samsung
– Nice color reproduction
– Easy and friendly to operate
– Scrolling is very smooth
– Quick launch of the apps
– Great color contrast and brightness
– Beautiful hardware design and powerful software

Though, in comparison with iPhone 4S, Lumia 900’s screen resolution lacks a bit. iPhone 4S’ resolution is 960 x 640, whereas Lumia 900’s is 800 x 480. Though cost wise, Lumia 900 is cheaper. You compare the camera quality and you would find both of the devices to be almost at par.


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