Compatibility of Microsoft Talk App And Death of Silverlight

Compatibility of Microsoft Talk App And Death of Silverlight

The upcoming release of Windows 8 has left many people wondering if the apps that they have purchased on their Windows 7 devices would still work.

And in a recent press conference, Microsoft clear all such doubts of the public stating that yes, those apps will be fully functional and continue to work with Windows 8 as well. The rumors were put to rest after a post made by Larry Lieberman today on the Windows Phone Development Blog.

“With regard to existing applications: today’s Windows Phone applications and games will run on the next major version of Windows Phone. Driving application compatibility is a function of Microsoft’s commitment to its developers. Regardless of what we release in terms of new developer features and functionality, we have made a large investment in protecting your existing investments.”

Also, the value of Silverlight has been decreasing. The only major app that seems to be working with it, outside the app store, is the DRM for Netflix. That is the reason why the service has not been made available on Linux. It seems to be clear that Silverlight is going out of the scene pretty soon. Here’s another related post from the same development blog:

“We’ve also heard some developers express concern about the long term future of Silverlight for Windows Phone. Please don’t panic; XAML and C#/VB.NET development in Windows 8 can be viewed as a direct evolution from today’s Silverlight. All of your managed programming skills are transferrable to building applications for Windows 8, and in many cases, much of your code will be transferrable as well.”

It cannot be said whether this news is good or bad for the Windows Phone developers, but one thing is for sure that the apps will work with Windows 8 and Silverlight is soon to go out of the scene.



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