HOW TO: Increase battery life on Lumia 710 – Tips and Tricks

HOW TO: Increase battery life on Lumia 710 – Tips and Tricks

Nokia Lumia 710 is an exciting phone. Nokia Lumia 710 can provide constant Facebook and Xbox live games, WiFi and other applications that will kill your battery. So there are many ways through which battery life of Nokia Lumia 710 can be enhanced:

1) Activation of battery saver: You can turn on the battery saver in the settings menu and your Nokia Lumia 710 phone will stop receiving non essential emails, it will also stop doing calendar updates automatically. By activating the battery saver, live tiles will not update themselves and other applications will also stop running in the background.

2) Turn off WiFi system: You can stop extra drain of power by stopping WiFi system. This system consumes much power being in on mode. For this reason one should keep WiFi system of Lumia 710 in on mode.

3) Lowering of screen brightness: Nokia Lumia 710 has a 3.7 inch screen. This screen drains extra battery power for getting illuminated. In order to maximize battery life of this phone one should lower the brightness of the screen.

4) Keeping 3G network off:  Nokia Lumia 710 has a solid 3G system. This system drains much power from the Lumia 710 battery. You can save much power by keeping 3G WiFi system in off mode.


5 Responses to HOW TO: Increase battery life on Lumia 710 – Tips and Tricks

  1. Bob says:

    I was getting lousy battery life on my Lumia 710, I tried all sorts of things. But the thing that cued it for me was to turn off “as items arrive ” in the email synchronisation settings. I set them all to 30 mins and my battery life is now very acceptable.

  2. vora says:


  3. youngevil says:

    My battery of lumia 710 does not last more than 2hours,even if I switch off all the features and put it on battery saver.i brought it brand new

  4. Venu says:

    My 7 days old Lumia 710 battery doesnot stand for more than 8 hour whe all the features are on off mode and Battery saver is on Mode
    its on 2G

    I dont know what these Nokia guys are doing

  5. achal says:

    I was/ still am a Nokia fan. But lumia 710 battery problem is a real let down. Second major issue is that update is available only through WiFi and not through mobile 3g network. Save the Nokia reputation with tips or solutions if any

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