HOW TO: Browse the Web on Nokia Lumia 800

HOW TO: Browse the Web on Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 710 has Internet Explorer Mobile 9 browser that enables users to browse the web smoothly. You can access the internet setting on Nokia Lumia 800 and swipe to its left. You can scroll down to the setting icon. Then you can go to the option on WiFi to activate it. You can swipe your finger through the on screen until it is activated to on mode.

After activation of WiFi mode a list of all popular internet sites appears on the screen. You can choose any of these networks and get connected to them. You can secure any WiFi internet network on Nokia Lumia 800 phone by adding a secured password to it. This is possible by using the Windows onscreen keyboard. After getting connected to the web through WiFi, you can start browsing Windows Phone by pressing the start button on its screen. You can tap the home button and then press the button of Internet Explorer. You can smoothly browse any website by using Internet Explorer Mobile 9 web browser on Nokia Lumia 800. You can add names of your favorite websites in the icon of favorites. Just enter the name of any URL on the web browser Internet Explorer 9 and press the option of go. The browser will open the page of the desired URL.


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