Microsoft Brings Up New Weather Forecast Application for Nokia Lumia 610

Microsoft Brings Up New Weather Forecast Application for Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610 is a superb Windows operated phone It has amazing features. Lumia 610 phone uses a special weather application designed by Microsoft. This application is minimalistic is nature. Microsoft is planning to bring a fresh update of weather application. Weather applications are also being seen in models of Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710. This application of weather forecasting is very easy and simple to use. Version 2.0 of this application is going to be added in Nokia Lumia 610. This version is going to bring a series of improvements along with the addition of multitasking feature. It is also going to have a feature known as a fast application switching. By this feature one will be able to switch over to another feature instantly.

The weather application 2.0 of Microsoft is going to forecast the weather of any city. For this purpose users have to enter the pin code of these cities. After entry of pin codes of these cities the weather application is going to forecast all particulars of weather like temperature. Users will not have any need to hear weather forecast reports on other applications after using weather application 2.0 devised by Microsoft. They can use this application while traveling and being in outdoor locations.



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