How To: Use Most of Nokia Maps on your Lumia

How To: Use Most of Nokia Maps on your Lumia

Nokia Lumia 710 is s windows operated phone with hi tech features. It has all kinds of applications including web browsing. This Windows operated phone has an application that can download maps. This mapping tool is a standard one so one can easily navigate with Nokia maps on Nokia Lumia Let us see some tips to use Nokia navigation maps on Lumia 710:

1)    General navigation features: Nokia maps seen in Lumia 710 will detect the user’s location and load it in the mapping application. Users can drag around the screen. A green dot will appear at the bottom corner and will indicate the location of the user. Users can down load maps from internet by using pinch to zoom feature seen in the web browser.

2)    Places: Users can know about their current location while roaming through Nokia mapping application used in Nokia Lumia 710. By using the mapping tool one can easily search nearby restaurants and shops etc while being at any current location.

3)    Public transportation: Users need not stick to default mapping view. They should just hit at the icon seen in the bottom right. Nokia mapping system also displays all kinds of public transportation system including train routes.

4)    Satellite: Another alternative to use satellite maps of Nokia on Lumia 710 is to identify landmarks. These landmarks are seen in the form of roads and other locations.

5)    Browsing locations: The mapping application system in displays all search results displayed on the Nokia map application. Users can flick easily by pressing the banner button located at the bottom of the screen.


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