Nokia Lumia 900 Out of Stock at AT&T?

Nokia Lumia 900 Out of Stock at AT&T?

There have been quite many reports that came recently, saying that Nokia Lumia 900 is running out of stock at AT&T. However, the reason behind it wasn’t quite guessable. It could be the excess demand, lack of stock or may be they removed the phones so as to update them, in order to fix some data.

No doubt, Nokia Lumia 900 has done exceedingly well and has risen above expectations of AT&T. Check out Amazon and you’ll still find Nokia Lumia 900 having a lot of demand. The black version is more in demand compared to the blue one, which has dropped to 4th position. Considering both as one device and you will find Lumia 900 higher in ranking. But, the news of the handset running out of stock at major AT&T stores has left a lot of people wondering and playing the guessing game.


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