Next Samsung WP will be Windows Phone 8 [second half of 2012]

Next Samsung WP will be Windows Phone 8 [second half of 2012]

Samsung has held the release of their new Windows Phone handsets till the launch of Apollo or Windows Phone 8. In an official press conference, Samsung officials said that they will be release a new Windows Phone handset in the second half of 2012. They confessed that the release has been delayed deliberately and will be released after the launch of Windows Phone 8. Most probably, the handset will be launched in October 2012.

This news wasn’t that startling considering the fact that Samsung badly want their marketshare to increase.

Also, there was nothing said about the Samsung “Mandel”, a mysterious handset that is supposed to be an AT&T three LTE Windows Phone. “Mandel” could may well be the code name for the next series of Windows Phone to be launched by Samsung, but nothing fixed. We will have to wait for the official announcement by Samsung.



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