AlmostTI app – Calculator for Nokia N900


When studying math at a college level it is next to impossible to get by without a graphing calculator. These devices can get pretty pricey depending on the company you get them from, but if you have a Nokia n900 you can get a fully functional version of this device for free. How? By using the AlmostTI (ATI) app. This application not only works on the n900 but also N800 and N810, and gives you access to one of the world’s best graphing calculators at the touch of a button.
ATI’s coding is pretty clean and straightforward, so transporting it to other device platforms should not be a problem; in fact the designer encourages you to do so. ATI is copyrighted and licensed for non-profit use only, if you would like to use it for commercial purposes, you will have to license it from the designer.


The designer behind this awesome app. is Marat Fayzullin and he is currently working bringing the app. to more platforms and fixing any bugs that has been reported.
ATI’s graphics are pretty good and the overall “feel” to the app is what you can expect from a regular calculator. The app runs smoothly and the firmware has been updated five times already, so running into bugs is very unlikely. As mentioned before, we like that this app is very straightforward. Many times a good app is made bad because the developers add too many unneeded things into the app which slow down the performance of your device, but with ATI this is not a problem.
Over all we give this app an 8/10 because of small buttons. It does what it’s suppose to without any glitches or bugs.



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