China Telecom’s Best Seller List Having Nokia Lumia 800

China Telecom’s Best Seller List Having Nokia Lumia 800

The number of mobile subscribers in China are almost 18 times more than the total population of Finland. The number of subscribers are unmatchable in China. while China telecom has 90 million subscribers, China Mobile has more than 660 million. You combine the whole population of UK and 6 times the population of Finland and then you may come somewhere near to matching the mobile subscriber figure in China. This gives a pretty good view about the significant likeness that people have over there for mobile phones.

China has always been one of the biggest markets for Nokia, and that is the reason why Lumia series is also quite in demand over there. In fact, China Telecom has Lumia 800 is their list of best selling phones in the country. Lumia 800 stands at second spot, just after the great Apple iPhone.

There were pictures of people queuing up to buy Nokia Lumia phones, and it’s good to see that transition to sales.



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