OT: Windows 8 Not to Have DVD Playback Support, Might Be Cheaper Than Windows 7

Natively, there will be no DVD playback support in the upcoming Windows 8. This simply implies that there will be no Windows Media Center pre-installed with Windows 8 phones. One would probably need to install WMC on windows 8 phones from the control panel by clicking on “Add features to Windows 8” feature. Pro users of Windows 8 can get this installation for free, whereas regular users of Windows 8 SKU may well have to pay to get it.

Microsoft said that not many people bring WMC in use, so this should not be that big an issue. Moreover, one can install plenty of 3rd party apps in there handset that support DVD playback, the most popular of them being VLC player.

The good thing regarding this for Microsoft is the fact that they would no longer have to pay the royalties related to DVD/Blu-ray playback. Indirectly, this may be beneficial for the users, as this might cut down on the price of Windows 8. Arguably, this could turn out to be a strong move seeing the competition with Apple’s iOS. The latest version of Apple’s software update came at a mere cost of $30, whereas most of the updated versions of Windows 7 come at a cost of over $100.

Let’s wait for the official confirmation from Microsoft about this update.



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