Developers Get Early Access to Windows 8 Store

Developers Get Early Access to Windows 8 Store

At present, there aren’t much apps present in the Windows Store for Windows 8. Probably, that is the reason why Microsoft is allowing early access to big developers to enter the Marketplace and get their apps listed down in the Store.

Currently, anyone can use the Microsoft dev tools to create an app, but for those who want their app to be published, a special token is required for those developers to get special entry into the Windows 8 Marketplace.

The call for tempting developers was made by Matt Harrington who made this news public and offered special tokens processed through Application Accelerator Laps Program to all such developers. However, there is still no news as to when will the Windows 8 Marketplace be made available to public, but the Release Preview version of the same is all set to be launched in the first week of June.

The idea seems to great for future as Microsoft is trying hard to achieve great targets in no time.



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