eCoach application: record and manage sport activities


One of the biggest challenges sports and outdoor enthusiasts face is keeping track of their progress. It is never an easy thing to do; for example, a person who is jogging may decided to take a different route in which they will encounter new types of terrain, and any serious minded athlete needs to know the amount of time it takes them to cross, what speed they traveled at, and their heart rate in real time. This is where eCoach comes in handy. eCoach is a revolutionary sports application for the Nokia N900, this application was built to help manage and record your sports activates and keep you on-top of your game at all times.


Some of the features you will find on eCoach are: speed and distance monitoring, heart rate monitoring in real time, and built-in training diaries.

eCoach’s speed and distance monitor helps you get the most out of your work-out or training by tracking you in real time, eCoach will also sync with your FRWD B600 or Zephyr HxM heart rate monitor and keep track of your heart rate in real time.


The training diary is probably the best feature of eCoach. This feature allows you to map your exact route via GPS; for example, if you decided to take a jog around a new part of town you could easily access that exercise info. and share it with friends so they could take the same rout you did. eCoach supports Google Maps, Virtual Earth, and Open Street Map so you’ll be free to explore without getting lost. The training diary also allows for you to keep track of all kinds of information gathered from the distance and heart rate monitor, this way you can set goals and keep them.



eCoach is like having your very own trainer who helps you go above and beyond your expectations.



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