Nokia Launching Nokia Reading App for Lumia Phones

Nokia Launching Nokia Reading App for Lumia Phones

Nokia has launched its reading app named “Nokia Reading” and it will be ready on country-to-country basis. The initial countries to get access to this app include Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia and the UK. Other countries would have this app in a few months.

The biggest issue to be seen here is regarding Nokia’s efforts over catalogue, seeing the fact that it will be in competition with Amazon’s Kindle app. The kindle app is already available on various platforms. Currently, there were two books announced for this app, namely “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.

The app has got a beautiful theme of white text over black background, which is specifically designed for night readers. Though, there isn’t any other different feature that this app has when compared to Kindle app, apart from the fact that it would soon have RSS support. Nokia Reading has put it as an update to come in near future, something that Kindle app does not have.

Overall, for those having Kindle app, it would be pointless to shift the entire library over a new platform for no good reason. Let’s see how the response comes of this app.

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