Nokia Creates its Own “Personal Army”

Nokia Creates its Own “Personal Army”

Nokia recently launched an app named “Nokia Army” that lets you join the army of Nokia fans. Confused? Well, you are bound to be.

There isn’t much info released as of now for this app. All that is known at present is this app lets Windows Phone users to sign in and join the ranks or numerous other fans of Nokia all over the world. And it’s not a child’s play to join the army. To be a part of the army, a person needs to have an email address of nokia.com, team-nokia.net, navteq.com or marketsource.com. Then, if you are found to have enough credentials, you’ll be made a part of the army. We’re not too sure as to what exactly does this mean as there aren’t much details out.

Let’s just wait for the reviews to come.



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