Windows Phone Captures 7% of Chinese Mobile Market Share

Windows Phone Captures 7% of Chinese Mobile Market Share

Ever since the launch of Tango along with not-so-expensive hardware, Microsoft seems to be doing well in China. Recently, Michel Van Der Bel, the COO of Microsoft in China, revealed that the company now holds 7% of the mobile market share in the country. If you think this isn’t that big a figure, consider the fact that iPhone covers only 6% share of this market.

Android has the upper hand in China as well, commanding 69% of the market share. But, to be fair on Microsoft’s part, Windows Phone devices were released here only a few months ago and covering 7% of the market share in such less time is a great achievement.

There are a couple of Windows Phone handsets to be launched in China in a few weeks’ time, including ZTE’s Tania and the water-proof Windows Phone by Fujitsu. Surely, the market share of windows Phone devices is all set to go up from here.



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